Revival Recap – What Do You Do When the Wine Runs Out?


During the second night of Gethsemane's 2017 powerful Revival Season, Reverend Delman Coates, pastor of Mt. Enon Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland brought a message about “What do you do when the wine runs out?"

Reverend Coates referenced John 2:1-12 to remind us to seek God and commune with other people seeking God, when life presents us with situations that we perceive as challenging or difficult.

We have to pray, worship, and study God’s Word now, so that when trouble comes we will have the wisdom to get through.

What indeed do you do when the wine runs out? Life can get frustrating when the things that we need run out. Oftentimes, when things go wrong, we spend more time trying to figure out why it happened, and figure out who’s to blame, rather than trying to solve the problem.

In biblical times Wine was symbolic of what brings joy, peace, celebration, and tranquility. Therefore, in this passage, when the wine ran out at the wedding, that was the problem. Mary, the mother of Jesus, immediately takes her problem to Jesus as soon as she realizes that there
was a problem. This lets us know that when we find ourselves in a pit, it is more important to try
to figure out how to get out of the situation, then spend time obsessing over how you got in the pit.

Reverend Coates reminded us that sometimes trouble is apart of the process. Also, just because something or someone is ordained by God, does not mean that trouble will not come. In the passage when things started to fall apart, Jesus was already there in the midst. If we include Jesus during our planning process we might bypass some of the trouble that we find ourselves in. When we go out into the world, we’re going to be faced with some let downs, but it’s best to apply Jesus. It’s also best to surround yourself with people who know Jesus. We have to pray, Worship, and study God’s Word now, so that when trouble comes we will have the wisdom to get through.

Lastly, Reverend Coates taught us that when the wine runs out we have to have faith. In the passage Jesus told the servants what to do with the water before he turned it to wine at the wedding. When things in our lives go wrong, we have to have enough faith to do what Jesus says. Knowing why it happened won’t change the fact that it happened. When there’s nothing left in your life God wants to know can you trust him.

Be certain to attend the third week of revival THIS WEDNESDAY, November 15th at 7:00p.m. when Reverend Maurice Watson of Metropolitan Baptist Church brings a word.