Revival Recap – Finding Your Canaan, In an Egypt Kind of World

During the opening night of Gethsemane's 2017 Revival Season, Reverend Telley Gadson, former president of the Black Women Clergy of the United Methodist Church and the current pastor of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Taylors, SC brought a message about “Finding Your Canaan, In an Egypt Kind of World.

Reverend Gadson referenced Mark 2:21-22 and Numbers 21:4-5 to challenge attendees to consider if we are allowing traditions and church culture to cause ourselves to miss God? By focusing on how great things used to be, following routines and schedules, and doing what makes us feel good are some ways church culture can cause people to miss God!

The Bible calls us to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit” Matthew 28:19 NIV.

Therefore, we can can use yesterday to empower us, rather than getting stuck there! After all, we learned from our scripture reference that no one pours new wine into
old wine skins! What steps shall we take to find our Canaan in an Egypt kind of world?

STOP​: Hanging around Egypt minded people! That’s when the transformation happens!
DROP​: Drop the pain of the past. Write your history and let somebody else write your obituary.
ROLL​: Be like proud Mary and keep those big wheels turning! Roll on like Jesus. Roll with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Be certain to attend the second week of revival THIS WEDNESDAY, November 8th at 7:00p.m. when Reverend Delman Coates of Mount Ennon Baptist Church brings a word.