Word On Wednesday – July 26, 2017

Good day Gethesmane! Are you ready for the  #Word on Wednesday?

The eunuch said, “Look! Water! What would keep me from being baptized?” He ordered that the carriage halt. Both Philip and the eunuch went down to the water, where Philip baptized him. - Acts 8:37-38

Today’s passage is lifted from the larger story of Philip, one of the church’s first deacons, being directed from a successful time of ministry in Samaria to a deserted road between two cities. I invite you to read the exciting story of Philip’s ministry in Samaria and to the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8. We can learn a few things from Philip’s ministry in this chapter:

1. There are times when our mission can take us to unlikely and undesirable places to do necessary work.

In the text, you will see that the church scattered from Jerusalem because of persecution, Philip ended up in a city in Samaria. Samaria was not a place that a Jew would have wanted to find themselves because of their own racial biases at that time. However, Philip found himself in a city in Samaria preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and God gave him great success.


2. Our mission may also take us to deserted places where we will have divine encounters.

Even though God gave Philip great success in Samaria. Philip could not rest there. Right in the middle of Philip’s successful ministry venture, the spirit of God also led him to what seemed to be a deserted road at a specific time. While on that road Philip met a man traveling in a carriage reading the prophet Isaiah. This man was described as a eunuch from Ethiopia who was in charge of the queen’s treasury. Philip’s assignment was to have a divine orchestrated conversation with this man.

3. While on our mission God will remove all barriers that could separate persons from experiencing the fullness of God’s love and grace.

After Philip shared the good news of Jesus Christ, the man believed. Though it is not stated in the text, it could be implied that the man wanted to be baptized, the problem was that there was no water. They were in the middle of an arid region where water was not plentiful. Out of nowhere, the carriage passes a place where there was water. The man wanted to be baptized immediately. Philip agreed to do so. The man came up out of the water rejoicing and the spirit of God took Philip away to his next place of ministry.

 Something To Think About:

  • Where is God calling you?
  • Are you truly open to go wherever God leads?
  • What are today’s barriers that keep some individuals from experiencing God’s love and grace?

Let us Pray:

Saving God, thank you for removing all barriers so that humanity can experience the fullness of your love and grace. As your ministers, help us to be open to go where you send us fulfilling your will in the earth. Amen.