The Word on Wednesday – July 19,2017

The council was caught by surprise by the confidence with which Peter and John spoke. After all, they understood that these apostles were uneducated and inexperienced. They also recognized that they had been followers of Jesus. Acts 4:13 

Today's text is lifted from a larger story about Peter and John healing a man at the temple gate called "Beautiful." Religious leaders held Peter and John in prison overnight because they did this miraculous act in the name of the risen Jesus of Nazareth. I invite you to read this exciting account of the healing of the man at the gate called "Beautiful," Acts 3-4.

We learn a couple of things from this story/passage:

  1. When individuals spend quality time with Jesus, they begin to mirror Jesus in word and deed. Jesus' ministry was one of Love, Liberation, Healing and Restoration. When we spend time with Jesus as his disciples, our lives will reflect these same principles.
  2. Others can tell when individuals have spent quality time with Jesus. When spending quality time with Jesus, others will also take note of the change in your thoughts, words and actions. This change will draw some and repel others.
  3. Jesus makes the difference in our lives. Being a disciple of Jesus is a revolutionary, life-changing, destiny-altering experience.  Our challenge is to give ourselves completely over to God, right now.

Let me invite you to follow Jesus just a little closer through

  • Prayer.
  • Study of God's word. [By yourself and in community with other believers]
  • Fellowship with other disciples of Jesus.

Something to think about:

  • In what ways has Jesus made a difference in your life?
  • Can others see Christ in you?
  • What is God nudging or prompting you to do today?

Let Us Pray:

Awesome God, thank you for the difference that you have made in my life thus far. Help me to continue to continue to seek after you so that the world will see only you shining in and through me. Amen.