Church Giving Update

FROM THE COMMITTEE ON FINANCE: CHURCH GIVING: The blue (offering) and yellow (apportionment) envelops have been replaced with new “Offering Envelops” that are now located in the pews. There is a place on the new envelop for you to enter your giving amount along with selecting the type of giving: Tithes/Offering, Apportionment, Capital Improvement and other. Also, same as with the old offering envelop box, there will be separate envelops available, in the pews, for giving to the United Methodist Conference programs. You will no longer receive a yearly box of offering envelops. However, you can continue to use any envelops you have left in your box. Also, your envelop number can be entered on the new offering envelop but not a requirement.

REMINDER: Until further notice, all programs in the GUMC Budget must get approval from the Committee on Finance before occurring expenses. If you do not get approval before the expense it may not be  reimbursed.   This does not include designated receipts. If you have funds in designated receipts, when possible give Finance a 15-day notice of your need to withdraw funds. Thank you for your cooperation.