Yesterday's Children will be traveling to Lancaster, Pa. to see the play “Samson” on Wed., March 23, 2016.   The cost is $80/pp – $40  deposit due by Oct.8, 2015, balance due NLT Dec. 8, 2015.  For  those who expressed interest please do not wait for the due date to make payments – early to pay, first to go. Included in the trip is a stop at Rockvale Outlets. To keep the cost down, a meal is not included, so you can have lunch at on your own expense.  See the flyer on the desk in the Lobby.  or tickets, please see Helen Ellis or call –301/552-1902.

About the Play
The world's first superhero ... the strongest man who ever lived.... He killed a lion with his bare hands and defeated a thousand soldiers ... but he's not a hero because of the strength of his hands, he's a hero because of the faith in his heart! One of the most captivating stories in the Bible, SAMSON is filled with colorful characters, extraordinary feats of strength, and amazing special effects that your whole family will love. When Samson stands between two colossal columns in a godless temple and starts to push - it's an immersive scene that literally brings the house down! A message of hope for the wayward, comfort to the weary and the incredible grace of God that enables us to truly be strong in Him!